20 Things to Do When Feeling Lonely


According to a study published at the Psychology Bulletin, the average adult’s network of friends and colleagues has shrunk over the past 3 decades. No wonder many people feel lonelier than ever.


Did you know that people in Korea are recording themselves while having a dinner? And people are actually paying to just watch these videos! As troubled as it may sound, it’s actually happening.


Loneliness can be dangerous, but there are smart ways to fight it.


Here are 20 tried and tested tips to battle loneliness.

  1. Head out for a solo date – Treat yourself with a cuisine you have been wanting to try since so long.
  2. Be a part of meetups – Attend meetup groups that cater to your interests, hobby, jobs, etc.
  3. Watch movies – Choose a chick-flick, super hero, or horror movie, whatever you like. Don’t forget the soda, popcorn and pizza. A couple of suggestions: The Duff, Love Actually, The Avengers, Logan, Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, and It Follows.
  4. Play online games – You can enjoy online sport or rummy games. You even get to play rummy online for real cash on some websites and mobile apps.
  5. Volunteer for social work – You can do anything from teaching underprivileged kids, cooking a wholesome meal for the poor, to cleaning the beach.
  6. Get a pet – Adopt a cat, dog, fish, or parrot. Pets are known to take your mind off stress.
  7. Pick novels – Read self-help or fiction stories. Head to the library if possible. My favorite ones are: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe by Yumi Sakugawa, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookshop by Robin Sloan, and Hug Me by Simona Ciraolo
  8. Bubble bath – Take a warm bubble bath and sip some merlot and/or listen to music while doing so.
  9. Travel some place new – Taking public transportation to a random location and enjoy the company of strangers. If your wallet can afford, then visit a new country altogether and immerse yourself in its rich culture.
  10. Dance – Play your favorite tunes and start dancing. Head to the club if you feel like it.
  11. Exercise – Head to the gym to work out or a park to run/jog. It can be a great stressbuster.
  12. Drink a beverage – Enjoy some freshly brewed coffee or chamomile tea.
  13. Look at pictures – Look through old photos and relive the sweet memories.
  14. Go crazy – Attend a yoga, Zumba, or trampoline jumping class.
  15. TED Talks – Watch inspiring TED talks. They can do wonders to your mind and soul. Must watch: Do Schools Kill Creativity? By Sir Ken Robinson, Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are by Amy Cuddy, The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain, and What Makes Life Good? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness by Robert Waldinger.
  16. Create something new – Challenge yourself to a DIY art and create something new. YouTube is loaded with such videos.
  17. Holiday planning – Plan a holiday, as it will rejuvenate your senses.
  18. Challenge yourself – Do something crazy like bungee jumping or sky diving.
  19. Cook or bake – Try a new dish or bake and upside down cake.
  20. Get in touch – Call your loved ones or write a heartfelt letter or email to them.

Try any or all of the tips listed above and let us know how they worked best for you.