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Tips for Finding the Best Rx Prices Shopping from one pharmacy to another will help you get the best Rx prices in your area. Prescription drugs could cost more than 10 times from one retailer to another. The retailers do not have fixed prices for the prescription drugs. Asking the pharmacist for lower prices than the ones on the price list is the trick to getting fair Rx prices. Today, one can bargain for better Rx prices in pharmacists and go from shop to shop till they find the lowest price for the drugs you want. The retailers do not even count on you buying the drugs at those prices they have set since the prices are mostly unrealistic. You can opt for generic drugs which are a bit cheaper compared to other prescription drug types. If you are using your health insurance, you doctor can talk to your insurance company to allow you to purchase generic drugs. The following tips will guide you into getting the best Rx prices and saving money in the end. Always ask if the price list the retailers have offered you is their lowest price. Rarely will retailers will not tell you about other lower price options before you ask them. Inquiring for other prices offered will assist you to know about the store’s discount programs and cards. Be sure to check back frequently because prices change. It is important never to assume that the discounted price you get from one pharmacy is lower than the usual price of another pharmacy.
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Online research will equip you with the knowledge that will help you bargain for lower prices in case the retailer gives you very high Rx prices. Online pharmacies are usually the best to shop for Rx drugs since you will find the various Rx prices from the comfort of your home compared to the traditional way of shopping for drugs with lower Rx prices. Make sure you do not buy counterfeit Rx drugs from unverified online pharmacies.
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Shop for Rx drugs at independent drugstores. Assuming that small scale stores will automatically charge high for prescribed drugs is a mistake. You can come across both lower prices and higher prices at local independent drugstores. In supermarkets and large scale drugstores, the Rx prices vary and they are mostly fixed. The best thing about shopping at independent store is that you can ask for the lowest price and they will most certainly agree to lower their Rx prices.