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Online Life Coaching- What does it Entail? Online life coaching entails helping individuals look at their current position in life and where they would like to be in the future and to help them fill the gap between these two. The the internet is used as the mode of communication. This type of life coaching works by creating awareness and encouraging people to take charge of their lives fully. It assists a person to rise to a certain level of their problems and go beyond their expectations. For life coaching to succeed, there is a need for commitment and much hard work on the part of both the coach and the person. The individual and the coach meet online at a pre-arranged time every week for a session. Common methods of communication used in online life coaching include video calling using Skype, instant messaging using Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger and e-mail conversation where both parties e-mail each other. At this time, the coach will identify an issue with the individual and encourage them using a series of questions to set a goal.
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By making use of the guidance received from the coach the individual can explore several options that will assist them take a step closer to attaining their goals. When a particular client does not want to talk to the coach, e-mail coaching is used, and it is highly effective as it gives both the parties time to think before they can type questions, answers as well as thoughts. The process of online coaching is a challenging experience that requires a high standard of commitment and enthusiasm.
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Online Life Coaching Benefits An individual can talk about his or her challenges and problems with someone who will not criticize their thoughts and opinions on their own experiences. It offers you with enough privacy and room to speak up and get the best out of life coaching. If one is feeling negative and lacks enough motivation, the coach can help you challenge the limiting assumptions and beliefs that you might be holding and those that are stopping you from moving forward. This a form of coaching grants you time and space to think through your challenges and the available options. An individual can use the services of a life coach to gain direction and become more focused. The coach uses practical exercises that are designed to help one determine what they have, would like to be or do. Whatever the individual says or shares with the coach remains confident. The life coach offers suggestions where appropriate making the coaching process highly effective and beneficial to the individual. Anyone that is in need of online life coaching; they can easily get access to one as there are many life coaches offering this service online.