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Brief Comparison Between Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors for Brakes

Although there are several types and designs of brake rotors, every industry expert knows that the most popular and preferred are the cross drilled and slotted versions. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for anyone to make a comparison between the two because the rest of the pack seems to be not as relevant.

Perhaps the most important information you need to know at this point is that both cross drilled and slotted rotors are specifically designed in such a way that they allow gases that have the tendency to build up in between the rotor and brake pads to escape. As a result, the brakes will be able to run cooler and perform better.

Cross Drilled Rotor Type
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The idea behind the invention of the cross drilled rotor is to allow heat to naturally escape once it begins to build up in between the brake pad and rotor and those drilled holes serve as the gas’ escape route. One of the reasons why many people fancy cross drilled rotors is because they look great, but it’s not to be ignored that there have been several instances in which cracks developed in between the drilled holes. But then again, the crack isn’t really caused by the design but more on the low quality material used in building the rotor in the first place. Therefore, even if the cross drilled rotor is designed to expel hot gas, there still is a tendency for it to crack and deteriorate fast if it’s made out of low quality material. In case you are leaning towards buying this type of brake rotor, our recommendation is to buy it from a renowned brand.
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Slotted Rotors

Slotted brake rotors meanwhile are built to be a better alternative to drilled variants because they serve the same function in which they expel hot gases, but this time, there are lesser risks of cracking. If cross drilled versions are great in terms of aesthetics, industry experts agree that slotted rotors are designed mainly for race as well as performance. Slotted brake rotors are also great in wet conditions because their design ensures that water stays away from the rotor, which means braking isn’t affected by the water at all.

Today, brake manufacturers claim that their rotors are more durable and long lasting compared to stock rotors. They also say that there is lesser possibility of brake fade. Well, the decision to believe them is based on your own understanding. But at the end of the day, whether you’re using your rotors for racing or in normal streets, it’s always a smart decision to buy either a cross drilled or slotted brake rotor from a known and well-established brand. What you don’t want to miss out on is a set of high quality break pads.