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Have You Heard about Darknet There is now a computer network with limited or restricted access that is used mainly for peer to peer file sharing illegally called Darknet. Another term of Darknet is Deepnet and has other functions that search engines cannot indexed. When visiting the websites of Darknet, you would not know the owners are because they are anonymous. Although you can still trace who these non-indexed website owners are by trading and looking out who purchased the domain name. In Darknet, the onion router network is used by these websites. The basis of Tor network is to include several nodes in order to not allow the origin to trace the going in or coming from of the data. In this site, friends can have group discussions on serious issues, or if you are a journalist who would like to write some topics and does not want to be known as the author, or you could be selling some products and entertainment. In other words, Darknet offers services with utmost anonymity. Tor network was initially created by the US military base with the objective of communicating without being known as the origin. It is in Darknet that the government would keep files that are not open to the general public and only those people with the password to access these files can open or see them. Any product and any information can be offered in the anonymous websites created by anybody in Darknet, and this is because the sites cannot be searched from normal web since these websites are never indexed in the first place. The fastest way to get into the Darknet domain is by using the Tor browser. Darknet or Deepnet is a part of the internet offering anonymous websites that offer any kinds of content and is in the media a lot today.
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For those websites that do get indexed, Darknet would start. If a site does not get indexed, reasons could because the webmaster was not doing his or her job well, or they did not put effort into using seach engine optimization, or maybe found that there is no need to have the page indexed. An example are some research projects with websites with participants only having interest with the site, thus there is no need to have the site indexed. When this happens, the sites would be floating around the internet, without any interest from anybody and are never picked up by search engine crawlers, thus the sites become a part of the Darknet.
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The millions of sites that were started but abandoned by designers and webmasters become part of Darknet, and this is easily because they are on free hosting and were never removed. These sites are sometimes found by anybody and they could have interest in it or also none at all. Search engines do not have the indexes of these floating sites and so it is difficult to find them too.