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Elisabeth Kounou is a digital web coach trainer. On Instagram for quite some time, she reveals the tips for boosting the activities of her company.


1 – Use the hashtag

How to use them? We have the right to use up to 30 hashtags.

At first, you must use them all to have a lot of commitment.

If you have reached ten thousand subscribers you will no longer need to do it and use just ten or fifteen hashtags.

However, you must make the right choice and there are three categories of hashtags, namely:


The hashtag that targets the target audience

The hashtag at the level of the description of the product. That is, you describe the content of your publication.

The hashtag around his brand (if you have one). Otherwise, you can also geolocate your shop for example.

When it comes to the language you can use in your hashtags, it depends on your community, especially your target customers. If yours is more French-speaking, you can use hashtags in French. If it’s more English-speaking, you can opt for hashtags in English. If you target both, you can also use hashtags in English and French at the same time. In addition, you must also choose hashtags whose use does not go beyond 500 000. If you use hashtags use hashtags with a million of use for example, your publication will very quickly go down in the list of posts while the goal is to be discovered.


2 – Using stories

Even if you use only one story every day, it already allows to maintain the engagement of the people and to favor the algorithm of Instagram. It rewards those who use a maximum of its features by highlighting their posts. On the other hand, people now tend to spend more time on stories than on publications. The more they react to it, the more time they spend on your profile, page or story increases.


3 – Use direct messaging to get in touch with your audience

For example, you can choose a person who has liked your posts several times. You will check his page to see if he is in the category of your target client. Then you can contact him directly, not to advertise, but to offer him something, such as a coupon for example. In this way, you will retain this person and later, she will be used to sharing your posts or products with other people who may need it. So do not hesitate to analyze the profile and behavior of these people and start a discussion to strengthen this link. In case the person does not follow you, they will receive a notification and they can answer your message if they wish.


4 – Use the highlights (Stories on the front page) at the bottom of the biography

You can use it to introduce a new line or to introduce yourself, introduce your brand or your activity. Knowing that …

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Reasons Why it is Crucial to Look for an Air Conditioning Company For Their Services.

A air conditioner is a system that makes the room cool thus suitable for staying. Cooling the temperature good for both at home and the commercial areas making it be a suitable environment. An air conditioner has a fan that helps to spread the cool air all over the room. An air conditioner is essential during the hot seasons like the summer as it will help to make the house comfortable to stay. Fixation of the air conditioner is supposed to be done by an experienced company. As follows are the reasons why it is essential to look for air conditioner services from a professional company. An air conditioning company Is experience in various services such as the repairing, maintenance, and replacement thus when you hire the company; it will give you all the services that you need.

The air conditioning company are experts in all those services thus they will do it in the right way. When you air conditioner gets damaged you require to look for the air conditioning company to help in repairing the damages as buying another air conditioner may cost you a lot of money. The air conditioning company are professionals thus they can identify the specific part that requires being repairs without disturbing the other parts of the air conditioner.
The air conditioning company will offer you the maintenance services that will enable your air conditioner to learn well. The air conditioning company will help to make your air conditioner clean frequently, and they ensure there is a frequent maintenance of it thus it will function well. An air conditioner can serve you for more years if it is frequently maintained since the minor problems will be solved. When the minor problems are repaired it helps to prevent major damages that can require you a lot of money for the repairing. In instances that one require to buy another air conditioner, the air conditioning company will guide you on getting the best since they are updated.

When the air conditioner gets damaged, it is thus crucial to seek the experts for the repair. The professionals have the required tools that are necessary for the repairing of the air conditioner. Since the air conditioning company are experienced, they are able to solve ay issues in the air conditioner and since they know all the parts they will only repair the damaged parts keeping it more secure from damages.

Hiring a air conditioning company enables you to use less amount because the company is qualifies thus they will solve they will do the necessary repairs and prevent causing more problems to the air conditioner. Look for a professional companies so that you can get the best services.

The Best Advice About Tips I’ve Ever Written

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The Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Professional in Pest Management at Your Home.

Pests may vary in sizes but the best thing that this creature can do is destruction and posing risks to our health. Pests are havoc masterminds in our properties and our homes as they do not only damage our property but also pose a risk of diseases transmission to us.

A pest control professional is best suited to do the job of pest management in your home than you are in the case you have a heavy pest infestation. The following are the reasons as to why you should seek the services of the professionals in the pest management.

These professionals they will ensure that they do a thorough job by making sure that they do a check up to determine which pests are present in your home, control them using the pesticides and also do some checkup follow-up to ensure that their methods worked while determining if there are some new activities of the pests.

You may not know the number of pesticides that you are supposed to use where you might use a lot which will be toxic, a professional knows the right amount to use therefore using the right amount that will eliminate your pest and also preventing pesticides build up to a toxic level.

A pest management professional will help you to understand various things about the pests that are creating havoc in your home, the information about their behaviors, common areas that they hide, this information will be vital in case of the future pests invasion.

If you want to deal with the pests you need to have the best technology, getting all of this technology as an individual can be challenge and there it makes sense to have a professional who is well equipped with the technology that will enhance an effective pest control.

Hiring the pest management professionals will make the work of controlling the pests look so easy as you will not trouble yourself, as the professionals will get rid of all the mess for you. If you get the services of a professional pest control you will be able to save time as you will leave the work to them while you concentrate on other important matters.

These professionals will often do some visits to your home to do some follow-ups so that they can check on the effectiveness of the treatment that they did to your home, also they will examine whether you have a new pest invasion or any pest activities. If you use the services of professional pest control you will be spared from the harmful effects of the chemicals and also from the diseases that comes as a result of pest invasions.

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Why You Should Use Professional Cleaning Services for Your Cleaning Needs.

On average, the normal person usually spends about forty hours working at their place of employment. Most people are best at what they are used to doing in their day to day lives. A clean office is a sign that somebody is doing their job right on the premise you are in. A clean area means that the workers who are usually located in that office will have an easy time doing their jobs meaning that they will become more productive, The number of hours invested in the office required that the staff be supported with the right conditions of they are going to be productive, this means a clean place.] The more than forty hours that the staff spend at their workplaces working will be more productive if a firm provides the right conditions for the workers to be adequately comfortable when working. The engagement that gets the workers in a frim to do their jobs well means that a cleaning company ought to be contracted to do the cleaning of the offices.The reason is that representatives don’t need to take a break from their customary work to clean their workplaces and hardware. The effect of having these cleaners will be that the staff are more motivated towards the firm and want it to bring in better results. The increased focus in the workplace will be because the workers in the office don’t waste any time being troubled by the working conditions, the cleanliness of the office is assured. The other thing to note is that the workers will actually love coming to the workplace since it is very comfortable and lovely.

An organization is able to save the time and the money they use in the cleaning of the offices and the whole premises. Among the things that can really use up the time in the office is the cleaning of the place. In any case, when the entrepreneur enlists cleaning services from proficient organizations, it enables staff to proceed with their work continuously. The explanation above is the reason that the workers in a company will save the firm a lot of time and the money that could be lost if these workers spend some of the time in the day to make a place clean. The companies will not have to employ their won cleaners since the cleaning company will have taken over the cleaning of the whole premises that the business is located.

The image that a client gets when they enter a company will be taken as the nature of the company in all areas, this means that if they get a clean place, that all the company dealings are good and therefore they will not be afraid to put their time and money to work with the company now and even on the future. Th definition of a good office is that someone will be comfortable to stay in, the cleaning company …

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What Business Advice Should Every Business Person Have.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a personal sacrifice, hard work, and full determination. That is what keeps an entrepreneur going after making errors. At the same time it is essential for all those who are starting their business to seek help from those who have several years of experience. Most of the people who have made it in the field of business are surrounded by a crowd of advisors. The following is what every business person should know.

Many successful businessmen confirm that they succeeded after following what interests them most. That way you will be willing to devote yourself to all what you are doing. Doing something that you like does not make tired easily. Nothing will bore you more than when you realize you are spending so much time on something you do not even love doing.

Another important thing that entrepreneurs need to know is that success is about hustling. As you look forward to succeeding, you must also to be prepared to work excessively, be focused and hustle. You cannot leave that out if you are to succeed in your endeavor.

You should also understand that you cannot give up. You must make sure that you are not going to up on the idea of you are to succeed in what you are doing. In business, you should never take anything personally. You should also not be prepared to take a no for an answer. By not taking a no for an answer, you can turn most of the no to yes if you persist. With time you will find that most customers begin to appreciate what you are doing, thus becoming your clients.

Following what your heart is telling you is a key to success. Once you know what you should do it will be easy for you to achieve your goal. As an entrepreneur, you will succeed much easier if you see the world as it should be rather than what it is today. When you see the world in that perspective, you will see so many opportunities. You will find it easy to succeed when you take all your time on the activities that produce positive results to your business. All entrepreneurs dream of great success and by following these suggestion you are likely to achieve just that. No one will want to start a business only to let it die on the way. If you have to ensure that you do not let your business die on the way, make sure you follow these suggestions carefully.

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