Making Name Plates Using Plaques


Plaque is a work of art or graphic design that contains the composition of the image or design. The plaque is basically the medium used to explain something. You could say a plaque similar to its function with a certificate only has a three-dimensional shape. Plaque is very commonly used as trophies, awards, souvenir name plates and so forth. You can also make nametags, name badges, office name plates, or even modification of name tags such as magnetic or engraved name tags and badges.

Plaques can be made from a variety of materials such as iron, acrylic, resin, crystal and also wood. Each type of material has different characteristics and properties, so in choosing it you are expected to know which type of material suits your needs.


Wooden Plaque

Wooden plaque is quite complicated to be made because it takes precision in making it. Besides, making wooden plaque also spend a long time because it must be made one by one. This is in contrast to the plaque of resin or acrylic, which requires only one master mold to reproduce the plaque repeatedly and in large quantities. As for the wooden plaque cannot be like that. With manual manufacture one by one, it is almost certain that the production process for wooden plaques can take a much longer time, especially if engraving carving is involved.

But wooden plaques also have advantages and one of them is having an artistic and elegant touch. The wooden texture on the plaque makes this wooden plaque prettier than the other placards.


Iron Plaque

For iron plaque, you can say the manufacture is easier when compared with wooden plaque. It is said to be easier because the modification process is not complicated and the variations of its own modifications are more numerous. The modifications can be made by using magnetic plaques and also the coloring for iron plaque is easier to be done.