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Grow Your Brand on Instagram


Elisabeth Kounou is a digital web coach trainer. On Instagram for quite some time, she reveals the tips for boosting the activities of her company.


1 – Use the hashtag

How to use them? We have the right to use up to 30 hashtags.

At first, you must use them all to have a lot of commitment.

If you have reached ten thousand subscribers you will no longer need to do it and use just ten or fifteen hashtags.

However, you must make the right choice and there are three categories of hashtags, namely:


The hashtag that targets the target audience

The hashtag at the level of the description of the product. That is, you describe the content of your publication.

The hashtag around his brand (if you have one). Otherwise, you can also geolocate your shop for example.

When it comes to the language you can use in your hashtags, it depends on your community, especially your target customers. If yours is more French-speaking, you can use hashtags in French. If it’s more English-speaking, you can opt for hashtags in English. If you target both, you can also use hashtags in English and French at the same time. In addition, you must also choose hashtags whose use does not go beyond 500 000. If you use hashtags use hashtags with a million of use for example, your publication will very quickly go down in the list of posts while the goal is to be discovered.


2 – Using stories

Even if you use only one story every day, it already allows to maintain the engagement of the people and to favor the algorithm of Instagram. It rewards those who use a maximum of its features by highlighting their posts. On the other hand, people now tend to spend more time on stories than on publications. The more they react to it, the more time they spend on your profile, page or story increases.


3 – Use direct messaging to get in touch with your audience

For example, you can choose a person who has liked your posts several times. You will check his page to see if he is in the category of your target client. Then you can contact him directly, not to advertise, but to offer him something, such as a coupon for example. In this way, you will retain this person and later, she will be used to sharing your posts or products with other people who may need it. So do not hesitate to analyze the profile and behavior of these people and start a discussion to strengthen this link. In case the person does not follow you, they will receive a notification and they can answer your message if they wish.


4 – Use the highlights (Stories on the front page) at the bottom of the biography

You can use it to introduce a new line or to introduce yourself, introduce your brand or your activity. Knowing that …